Howdy, my name is Raghav! I'm a game designer, animator, Web/UI and application developer based in Chennai, India. I have a strong passion for the creativity and discipline that goes into gaming and animation. My attention to detail is extreme and I love to continually learn what's new all things design-related. I started desigining and coding from young age and most of my design skills and knowledge are self taught. Although my experience goes into different areas of design, my true passion lies with creating animations and games.



Fortunately iam a 10 year old guy trapped in a 19 year old body :D. I use to walk with WASD, enjoy running through sprinklers, watch Disney movies, and play keyboard :). If you can't find me in front computer you can find me at airport. Yea! you are right, I love aviation. Tust me iam a pilot! :D

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