6 Easy Tricks to improve your productivity

When it comes to productivity, the little things make all the difference. Here are six steps you can implement in order to increase your productivity.

Most people looking to boost their results start by working harder because it's the most visible form of productivity. We assume the solution is to simply put in more hours -- and that’s true, to a point. However, this approach has few key problems.

First, we have only two to four hours of high-level energy per day. Studies that examine the habits of dozens of creatives and entrepreneurs from Darwin to Tchaikovsky reveal that our "peak" energy maxes out at a consistent mark. Those two to four hours a day translate to 10 to 20 hours per week. Beyond that, we cross a threshold. We still have the energy to complete managerial and administrative tasks, but we're incapable of high-level creative work.

Don't Touch things twice As soon as something gets your attention, act on it
Tackle Dreaded tasks first Now you're freed up to take on the stuffs that excites and inspires you.
Don't confuse urgency with importance Distingush between what's really important and small rasks that feel like hey have to be done right away
Say No Saying no to a new commitment allows you to successfully filfill your current ones
Check email on a schedule Don't allow email to be an constant interruption
Avoid Multitasking Multitasking is less productive than doing a single thing at a time.